Welcome to A Bloom in the Wild. My name is Ashlie, I’m a writer, blogger, and bookworm living in the countryside. Just over a year ago my husband and I packed up my books, rounded up the cat and closed the door on our old life in the city. I didn’t know that I would become a country girl as I closed that door for the last time, nor did I know that moving to Devon would be the thing that made me.

But I went from living a life very much through my phone, or out of my window, to feeling the sun on my face, and the wind at my back; a complete change from the shut in experience I had lived through for two years before we moved, and it gets better as each week, each month passes, as I’ve been able to participate in the changing seasons of nature, and of my own life, fully.

Though this blog is new, I am not a stranger to blogging; in the past I have written a lifestyle blog, a wellbeing blog, and most recently, a book blog. I love writing, and sharing my life with readers, but my interests and passions have naturally evolved over time, and today I am looking to share my life more fully and more authentically with A Bloom in the Wild.

Here you will find reviews of all the best places to eat and sleep and do in our corner of Devon, book reviews, and personal development.

My life is about finding happiness from within, exploring my new home with my wonderful husband, and in the simple pleasures of cat cuddles, rainy days, reading my favourite (new and old) urban fantasy books, and, of course, a healthy dose of pink.

Welcome to A Bloom in the Wild.



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