Day Trip to Dartmoor

I love to explore in nature. I love the sound of a river or stream, I love the smell of the trees and the grass, I love the feel of the wind in my hair, and the sunlight dappling the leaves (ever is slightly– I am an autumn girl after all).

At the beginning of this year I decided I wanted to act on my desire to explore the area more; I wanted to get out into nature, I wanted to have picnics, I wanted to take day trips to nearby spots of beauty.


Dartmoor is beautiful. A vast moorland, Dartmoor National Park is a place full of ponies, craggy landscape, rivers, forests and winding trails (according to, so how could I resist?

My parents in law, my husband and myself bundled up into the car, just as the rain began to fall lightly, in a way that it only does in our part of Devon. We drove from our village, through those winding country lanes, to Dartmeet, where we stretched our legs, admired the soothing quality of the stream, and delighted in the ponies wandering about, completely ignoring the few humans that intruded on their patch of the Devon countryside.


Dartmeet is the meeting of two parts of the River Dart, east Dart and west Dart. There is an ancient road bridge, which was built in the late 1700s, and a handy car park. It was blessedly quiet, apart from a man that had fallen into the river (changing sheepishly by his car, beside his smirking daughter), and a couple of others walking boisterous dogs. We drove further through the trees, until the land levelled out onto the wilder stretches of land, and stopped at a conveniently placed ice cream van on the way.


Both the view and the ice cream were breathtakingly stunning (I really like ice cream, OK?), and it made me consider just how lucky I would feel if I lived on the door step of this wild beauty. My husband and I added it to the possible move list over dinner at Bistro Pierre (Royal William Yard, Plymouth).

I hope in the summer we can return with a picnic.

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